July 21, 2013

Styling printed jeans

Styling printed jeans

There are many ways to style printed jeans. The most important thing to remember when styling statement denim is to make it the center piece of your entire outfit. An easy way to accomplish this is by  keeping all other items of clothing fairly simple.

As shown here, we picked a simple and flowing cream coloured top to balance out the skinny jeans and  incorporate a touch of femininity as well. 

For the accessories went with simple lilac studs to compliment the colour on the print, again, sticking with the theme of keeping in simple. 

A beige, nude or blush coloured handbad would add emphasis to the printed jeans.

A watch is optional, but I personally think it adds a bit of edginess to overall outfit. 

Last but not least, the shoes, to break from the beige fest we have going, we picked a shoe in a colour that was present in the print of the jeans. This way it adds a pop of colour to the outfit without it being too over powering.

Lastly, just remember when styling a statement piece of clothing whether it be a top or bottoms or even shoes, keep the rest of your outfit simple. If you were to pair a print with another print it might be a little too much to look at all at once.

All in all, these are just suggestions not rules. Remember you can wear whatever you want, as long as it makes you happy and feel confident.

Have fun